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CN-DSBIZ - Data Science for Business Professionals (Digital courseware and Incl.Exam)

The ability to identify and respond to changing trends is a hallmark of a successful business. Whether those trends are related to customers and sales, or to regulatory and industry standards, businesses are wise to keep track of the variables that can affect the bottom line. In today's business landscape, data comes from numerous sources and in diverse forms. By leveraging data science concepts and technologies, businesses can mould all of that raw data into information that facilitates decisions to improve and expand the success of the business.


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CN-CDSP - Certified Data Science Practitioner (Digital courseware / Labs and Incl.Exam)

For a business to thrive in our data-driven world, it must treat data as one of its most important assets. Data is crucial for understanding where the business is and where it's headed. Not only can data reveal insights, it can also inform—by guiding decisions and influencing day-to-day operations. This calls for a robust workforce of professionals who can analyse, understand, manipulate, and present data within an effective and repeatable process framework. In other words, the business world needs data science practitioners. This course will enable you to bring value to the business by putting data science concepts into practice.
This course includes hands on activities for each topic area.

Audience - for business professionals who use data to address business issues. Years of experience with computing technology, including some ability in computer programming. Programmers and Data Analysts..


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CN-CEE - Certified Ethical Emerging Technologies (Digital courseware and Incl.Exam)

Mutually reinforcing innovations in computing and engineering are catapulting advances in technological production. From blockchain and AI to gene editing and the Internet of Things (IoT), these advances come with tremendous opportunities for improvement in productivity, efficiency, and human well-being. But as scandals increasingly demonstrate, these advances also introduce new and serious risks of conflict and harm.
Technology professionals now face growing demands to identify and mitigate ethical risks to human rights and the environment, as well as to navigate ethical trade-offs between qualities such as privacy and accuracy, fairness and utility, and safety and accountability.

Audience - for technology leaders, solution developers, project managers, organizational decision makers.



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