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CN-AIBIZ - Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business Professionals (Digital courseware and Incl.Exam)

In the past, popular thought treated artificial intelligence (AI) as if it were the domain of science fiction or some far-flung future. In the last few years, however, AI has been given new life. The business world has especially given it renewed interest. However, AI is not just another technology or process for the business to consider—it is a truly disruptive force, one that promises to deliver an entirely new level of results for all aspects of the business. Even organizations that resist adopting AI will feel its impact. If the organization wants to thrive and survive in this transforming business landscape, it will need to harness the power of AI. Despite its promises, AI can seem like a daunting concept for business professionals. How can you hope to apply AI to your own business if you cannot see beyond the vague buzzwords and hype? That is why this course was created: to give you the essential knowledge of AI you will need to steer the business forward.

Audience - for managers, business leaders, and other decision makers who want to explore basic AI concepts.


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CN-CAIP - Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner (Digital courseware / Labs and Incl.Exam)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become an essential part of the toolset for many organizations. When used effectively, these tools provide actionable insights that drive critical decisions and enable organizations to create exciting, new, and innovative products and services. This course shows you how to apply various approaches and algorithms to solve business problems through AI and ML, follow a methodical workflow to develop sound solutions, use open source, off-the-shelf tools to develop, test, and deploy those solutions, and ensure that they protect the privacy of users. This course includes hands on activities for each topic area.

Audience - for software developers, business analysts, programmers, and data analysts.



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CN-CEE - Certified Ethical Emerging Technologies (Digital courseware and Incl.Exam)

Mutually reinforcing innovations in computing and engineering are catapulting advances in technological production. From blockchain and AI to gene editing and the Internet of Things (IoT), these advances come with tremendous opportunities for improvement in productivity, efficiency, and human well-being. But as scandals increasingly demonstrate, these advances also introduce new and serious risks of conflict and harm.
Technology professionals now face growing demands to identify and mitigate ethical risks to human rights and the environment, as well as to navigate ethical trade-offs between qualities such as privacy and accuracy, fairness and utility, and safety and accountability.

Audience - for technology leaders, solution developers, project managers, organizational decision makers.



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